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Thank you for visiting my site. I love to paint with bright, bold colors. This site is dedicated to my late sister who had early onset Alzheimer's Disease  and to our late loving mother.  "Forgetfulness is a brain malfunction and not intentional." Blessings of creativity and health in your own life. Tshubbard artist (c) all rights reserved

About the Artist:   
Studio hrs. by appointment only - contact me by email or phone.

How to purchase?  Contact me or at the listed galleries, gift shops, CVCA main gallery, or Sunflour Market.

Tammi M-F- by appointment only 

Please contact me by email at:

I love to paint with acrylics, oils, water colors, mixed med., experimental, inks, pens, layers, layers, layers, etc...... I like to experiment with art products and colors.

Cobre Valley Art Center, Historic Downtown Globe, Arizona, 928-425-0884 - 101 N. Broad Street.

New Mini's @ Sunflour Market, Downtown, Superior, AZ
"I't's adorable and affordable."  Have lunch there.

Acrylic Revolution, table book - Illusions of Reality.

Healing after loss by Hickman

Mind, Body and Spirit 
 Tshubbard - Artist - & BSNRN & ACE certified...
  • Show Schedule - 
  • Please visit the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts -  Main Gallery . Go see the Print Room, custom cards,  silk scarves, small canvas's in the Gift Shop area.  
  • News Flash;
  • Cobre Valley now has an elevator to get up to the gallery, no more excuses! Thanks to the hard work of the late, wonderful friend; Kip Culver and volunteers.
  • What is going on ! 
  • Every one can own Art. I am currently working on new daily warm ups (6X6,  5X7, and 2x3.These will all be for sale, unframed
  • Guest Art Instructor Cobre Valley Center for the Arts.     
  • New Zen Blog; gentleyogahhbytsh/
  • I've painted on  canvas, paper, cowboy boots, purses, t-shirts, jeans.  Design something for your next quilt project.  Contact me for a silk scarf class.   

What's coming up in the future...

Painting Flagstaff, AZ - On the Patio or On the Road...Fall/Winter/spring and
Spring break with the peeps.
Summer /2017

  • 4th of July blowout........with the kids...........
  • Fall Fitness & Health Lecture Schedule ongoing/current - CONTACT BY EMAIL
  • ( M-F) 9:00 to 5:00
  • What else is going on with me in the studio?
  • Hawaii islands here I come. Painting on the beach/stand up board surfing with the peeps.

Complete; Daily mini canvas projects.  Everyone can own art... It's affordable.

  • Blogging;
  • Other loves.....Custom Silver Jewelry
  • Just submitted "Lucky Penny" to the editors, will let you know more about that.....(c)tshubbard artist
  • Watercolor sketches/postcards
  • New artistic designs for Seniors, weekly on going  "movement is the very best medicine - seated yoga and tai chi". 
Stay up to date, find new class discounts, information on painting, good reads, recipes, quotes of the day  on my blogging site at : as ts.hubbard art studio, artbyakid,

Other News:  Really, I don't tweet............but I am heading to Instagram see me at artbytsh. (c)all rights reserved, worldwide, on line  (c)tshubbard artist - 2000 - 2017
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